Ayurveda Center

Dr. Tamasi Medical Ayurvedic Center

Ayurveda on the level of European medicine

Our unique naturopath center, where we welcome our dear guests with full board, in beautiful surroundings with personalized therapies, multi-day treatments

Our leading physician Dr. József Tamasi is an internist medical specialist, a specialist in preventative medicine and natural healing.

Prior appointment is required for consultation on personalized treatments, health checkup.



- Turbo Vitamin Charge

- Weight reduction

- Rasayana (antiaging, rejuvenating, detoxifying treatment)

- Ayurvedic cure based on individual examination

- Biological dental pre and post-treatment

- Smoking cessation treatment and subsequent lifestyle change

You may also be able to apply for an appointment by phone call or email.

Tel: +36 70 626 8389

email: info.drtamasiajurveda@gmail.com

web: http://www.ajurvedacenter.hu