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Company programmes and events


Company programmes and events

Conferences: Our Radhé Resort and Syám Meditation and Wellness Center offer an ideal conference venue for those looking for the perfect setting. The AC equipped main building can accommodate 40 people.

We can also provide the necessary equipment, such as:

  • projector,
  • screen,
  • PA,
  • flipchart,
  • extension lead,
  • paper

For details, please get in touch with us!




Phone: (+36) 20/411-9199

Peter Borka Sales manager

E-mail: info@radheresort.hu

Address: 7 Táncsics M. street 8699 Somogyvámos, Hungary

Operator: TÓ.G.A. Ltd. 
 54 Árpád street, 1039 Budapest, Hungary 
  7 Táncsics M. street 8699 Somogyvámos, Hungary
Tax ID: 12121924-2-41 

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