Syam Event Center

Our event center is situated on a 700 m2 area. Its rooms have a unique view and are bright and well-lit.  

The large event hall is 130 m2 in size and can accomodate 30 people so it's the ideal venue for meditation and yoga courses and events, sports and gymnastics events, and dance group rehearsals. 

Our large conference hall can accommodate 40 people and so it is the perfect place to host business meetings, and trainings.

The small conference room is an ideal venue for smaller group meetings, get-togethers, family gatherings for up to 10 people.  

The sauna and jacuzzi at our event center will deligth both the activity enthusiasts and those looking for a relaxing time. There are also dressing rooms, showers, and a massage room in the building. The center can be accessed by wheelchair. 

You can learn more about our offers and packages in the "Programme magazine" and the "Companies and groups" submenues.

Please get in touch to learn more about the rent of a room, or euqipments.