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Our Radhé Resort & Syám Meditation and Wellness Center is the ideal venue for family and friendly gatherings and occasions, offering guests colorful rooms, a wide range of tasty food, exciting programs and excellent service by a friendly staff!

  • namedays
  • birthday parties
  • primary school leavers' lunch
  • school leavers' party
  • reunion parties
  • engagement lunch
  • stag parties
  • wedding anniversaries

We also offer you custom cakes for all occasions, provided you place your order in advance and if you need a hand in decoration, just let us know! Please get in touch to discuss the details. 

Our cuisine is based on vegetarian cooking, offering you a wide-range of Indian, Italian and Hungarian dishes. Our inimitable, gourmet pizzas are baked in a special lava stone oven. We also cater for guests looking for raw vegetarian, vegan and bio food and for groups we offer grill and stew-pot parties. 

For further inofrmation, please email or phone us




Phone: (+36) 20/411-9199

Peter Borka Sales manager

E-mail: info@radheresort.hu

Address: 7 Táncsics M. street 8699 Somogyvámos, Hungary

Operator: TÓ.G.A. Ltd. 
 54 Árpád street, 1039 Budapest, Hungary 
  7 Táncsics M. street 8699 Somogyvámos, Hungary
Tax ID: 12121924-2-41 

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