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Vedic Astrology


Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is a thousands old science that can be studied at university level even nowadays and is an integral part of Indian culture, used by hundreds of millions as a compass in their everyday lives. In the vedic astrology system, birth chart is revealed by astronomical calculations and celestial signs.

When creating an astrological chart, the vedic astrologer applies the teachings and practical wisdom from both the standard works as well as the ages old books. Vedic astrology can not be compared to making predictions, or prophesies, because the system itself is an exact science that was created to help us get around in modern life. An astrologer is not meant to tell you whether good or bad is ahead for good and bad are perceived by individuals differently, according to their value systems. What an astrologer can tell you is what's in store for you, what a certain period of your life will be like, whether it will be easy, or difficult. He can help you get ready for that certain period of your life just like you decide whether, or not to take an umbrella with you in the morning based on the weather forecast.  

Our astrologer is highly qualified and experienced.




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