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Stylish apartments with vintage ambiance and mediterranean style terrace for 2-4-6 people

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Vegetarian Restaurant

Our menu offers you healthy, delicious and filling meals prepared from locally sourced ingredients provided by the nearby eco-village

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Conference and Events Hall

The ideal venue for conferences, company meetings, weekend trainings, business meetings, weddings, banquettes

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The Radhé Resort & Syám Meditation and Event Center is located in the heart of the Somogy-Hills - one of Hungary's most beautiful areas - in Somogyvámos. The history of the village and its surroundings stretches all the way back to the times of the Avars. According to historical records, Chieftain Koppány, who inherited the Somogy princedom, had his residence near today's Somogyvámos and so that was from where his troops started for the siege of Veszprém in 997. The surroundings so rich with history and in natural resources make Radhé Resort and Syám Meditation and Event Center the ideal venue for relaxing, recreation, business meetings, weddings, or get-togethers. 

The Radhé Resort is being expanded and right now it offers guests 4 different types of apartments with well-equipped, modern kitchens. In total, the apartments can sleep up to 24 people.  Each apartment has a magnificent view of the deservedly famous Somogy-Hills and Somogyvámos, the nearby village with medieval ambiance. 

Not only You, but also your guests, or business partners can have a wonderful time at this place that is pleasing to the eye and the heart. Pleasant surroundings, diverse landscape, excellent cuisine, and fantastic staff that is happy to serve you...and all this at competitive prices!

Your relaxing stay and recreation is guaranteed by the center's 4 star accommodation standards and is enhanced by its sauna and jacuzzi. The ahimsa Vegetarian Restaurant, the massages, the yoga classes, or the ox-cart rides turn your stay into a truly unique experience.