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Vegetarian Restaurant

High standard of quality is guaranteed at Vegetarian Restaurant by the chef's 25 years of experience in vegetarian cooking  The menu includes traditional Hungarian, Italian, and Indian dishes, and also features raw vegetarian and vegan preparations. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced from nearby bio and eco-farms thus the meals prepared from them nourish not only the body, but the mind and spirit, too. 

When it comes to wedding dinners and feasts, our staff is delighted to receive the young couple and the wedding guests. We offer a wide-range of wedding menus, including desserts. 

We are also happy to cater for any other occasions, be it anniversaries, family gatherings, or business dinners. 

We strive for using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and so maintain a friendly relationship with local farmers, and primary producers. As a result, we can offer you specialties, such as homemade jams, bio wholemeal flour, cold pressed oil which can also be purchased here. 

The restaurant can be opened into the terrace with mediterranean ambiance. Whether you are looking for indoor, or outdoor dining, the restaurant can seat up to 100 people. 

If you would like to request a custom menu, or information on our price list, please get in touch with us via email, or phone. 




Phone: (+36) 20/411-9199

Tímea Szafner Sales manager

E-mail: info@radheresort.hu

Address: 7 Táncsics M. street 8699 Somogyvámos, Hungary

Operator: TÓ.G.A. Ltd. 
 54 Árpád street, 1039 Budapest, Hungary 
  7 Táncsics M. street 8699 Somogyvámos, Hungary
Tax ID: 12121924-2-41 

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