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Széchenyi-castle park, Somogyvár


Széchenyi-castle park, Somogyvár

At the Paris World Fair in 1900 the park was presented as one of the jewels of Hungarian park culture of the time.

Some representatives of the flora here - such as the 120 years old Japanese locust tree by the lake - was planted by Dénes Széchenyi and his chief gardener, Ferenc Schilhan and his brother, József Schilhan.

The true value of the park is not only represented in the 200-250 species of plants, but its connection with the nearby area, the Bráza Forest. 

The park is located on an area of educational facilities as the former Széchenyi-castle has been operating as a special needs school for over half a century. It houses the Somogy County Kindergarten, Primary School, Special Professional School, Dormitory, and Children's Home.

Reconstruction works helped restore the roads, the courtyard, the well and the French garden, the wooden bridges, the lake has been dredged, bird tables have been placed on trees, old and valuable trees have been marked, unwanted plants have been removed and boards have been placed so that visitors can get to know the park's history and the stages of reconstruction.   

The park is under environmental protection as it was registered in the official register of Hungarian arboretums in 2011. 




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