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We offer you a host of programs all-year-round, such as: astrology, archery, cooking, baking, picnic, massage, ox-cart rides, etc...

We organize both indoor and outdoor programs and parties, taking advantage of facilities nature provides. Whether it's summer, or winter, we always have a good idea to enterntain you!

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Lifestyle coaching

Our "Worthy Living" Program helps you make life-changing decision in four areas of your life in order to make your dreams come true:

1. healthy life, natural healing
2. eliminating stress and self-development
3. relationship-family
4. work, business

How does it help?

  • to reveal the incomprehensible causes of your obstacles, limits, difficulties
  • to deal with negative emotions, and tension 
  • to deal with stressful situations, uncertanities, conflicts
  • to develop your character, and personality and stregthen your self-confidence and stability 
  • to determine the practical steps needed for progress 
  • to coordiante various areas of your life
  • to create and maintain your worthy, quality life

Personal coaching:

Coaching for Stress Solutions 

Intelligent Healing – the practical guide to finding and healing the emotional causes of illnesses

Coaching for Ayurvedic body-type based balancing diet and lifestyle  

Psychological Coaching according to Ayurvedic emotional types

Our speakers and lecturers are recognized nationwide and you can book coaching, all day seminars, lectures, or workshops with them. Get in touch to learn more!