Sauna & jacuzzi


Sauna & jacuzzi

Even though the nordic people have known the sauna for about 2000 years, the first written records of it are only about 1000 years old. The sauna was originally used for cleansing the body and taking bath, but since it was a really clean place, later it was also used for various treatments and even as a spot for women to give birth.

The jacuzzi pool works by a hydro-massage technique that helps in the treatment of various locomotor disorders, and in relaxing.

Many elderly Finnish people were given birth in saunas!

Some health benefits of sauna:

1) Increased blood circulation helps the heart stay fit. However, for those suffering from circulatory disorders, or cardiac disorders it is advisable to take precautions before using the sauna. 

2) One's immune system is strengthened by being exposed to unusual circumstances. However, right after a sauna session one's immune system is down and so the danger of falling ill is higher. 

3) During sweating, toxins leave the body and this natural process is enhanced by sauna. This fact and its atmosphere can also help in relieving stress. 

4) It has favorable effects on the skin, helps insomnia and can also reduce muscle stiffness. It can also help sportspeople in warming up.

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Jacuzzi: It increases blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and besides its physical benefits, it also helps maintaining one's spiritual balance.

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