Csiky Gergely Theatre - Kaposvár


Csiky Gergely Theatre - Kaposvár

"On the account of choosing my "Szép Juhászné" operetta as the piece to be played at the opening ceremony of Somogy County`s first theatre in Kaposvár, I`d like to welcome you all with a warm heart! I believe that this theatre shall serve as a bastion of Hungarian culture!"


Kaposvár's very first theatre was opened on Square Búza in 1911. The first operetta on the bill was "Cigánybáró".

The plans for the building were made by Ede Magyar, the "Hungarian Gaudí", and Joseph Stahl and the construction was led by Budapest-based businessman, Peter Melocco.

The outer surface of the building, which is much simpler than the auditorium, was an outstanding architectural piece with its half-cylinder based side avant-corps and busy roof design. 

The "National Theatre" - as they called it back then - was originally planned to seat 1400 people, but this number was reduced to 800 after the plans got modified later on. Nevertheless, the building was still counted amongst Hungary's biggest theatres.  

The large ferroconcrete spanning employed to support the building's roof structure is considered by architectural historians to be the first of its kind constructed in Hungary. The fancy ornaments decorating the auditorium were made in the local cement-plant, Borovitz.