Deseda Forest park and Arboretum


Deseda Forest park and Arboretum

Deseda Forest park was created at the northern part of the lake in 1978 with various facilities, such as educational trails, parking lots, playgrounds, and eateries.

Deseda Forest park also includes the special 26 ha arboretum which stretches into the lake like a peninsula from the north.

The young botanical collection includes nearly all of the Hungarian tree species: 73 leafy, and 38 coniferous species. The conifers, fake cypresses, thujas, silver firs were planted in rows and in groups offering an impressive sight. Besides the foreign species, native Hungarian species, such as the silver lime-tree, beech, or the birch, can also be found here.

The botanical collection was opened for the public in 2000 and it has been a place to learn and relax by taking delight in the beauty of the plants.

There is a 100 metres long wooden bridge over the Deseda's stream section reaching the peninsula that lets visitors take a walk around the arboretum on two main walking roads. One of them follows the exact shape of the bank for 1.4 km and the other shapes a circle facilitating a tour around the arboretum. The latter road is 1.7 kms long 

The 1112 ha area has been protected locally. It is a popular tourist attraction and fishing paradise and it can be discovered on foot, on horseback, or by bicycle. The lake and the surrounding area provides plenty of facilities for those wishing to do sports activities in the clean air. 

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