Indian Cultural Center and Biofarm-Eco-village


Indian Cultural Center and  Biofarm-Eco-village

Krsna-valley is a peaceful island in the sea of busy everyday life, only 30 kms away from Lake Balaton, towards Kaposvár. Its 260 ha of land - which is also home to a cultural center and biofarm - offers visitors several attractions and exciting adventures.

Its artificial lakes, parks, and arboretum are the homes of hundreds of species of animals and plants and its dairy farm, organic garden, and school can also be visited when taking a relaxing walk from the reception to the Temple.

There are about 150 Krsna devotees living in the Valley who keep themselves busy by eco-farming and living a Vedic lifestyle (one that's based on the ancient Indian scriptures) that aims to make self-sufficiency a reality.

They welcome every visitor who is looking for shelter at a spiritual oasis even just for the duration of an outing, or a weekend. Longer stays can also be organized!

Cultural program: Guided tour to the shrine, cultural presentation, Indian music, and dance visitors can take part in. 

The structure of the program is as follows: It starts out with a short introduction and presentation on Indian culture, traditions and the 5000 years old Vedic literature and books that have been translated to English and Hungarian too. This is followed by a special musical performance accompanied by Indian instruments where visitors can sing along if they feel like. Visitors can also try an Indian instrument, the karatal, and the program is concluded by a dance section in which visitors can also take part by trying out the simple dance steps they are taught on the spot. 


A guided tour of Krsna-Valley, including the property (cow-protection center, eco-garden, eco-school) and the shrine. 

In the course of the tour visitors will get to meet the students and teachers at the eco-school, get to visit the cow-protection center, where they can see the cows, ox and zebus, then get a glimpse into the secrets of farming without using chemicals.