Rippl-Rónai Museum


Rippl-Rónai Museum

József Rippl-Rónai, the painter, is probably the most famous son of Kaposvár. The museum dedicated to his work was opened in 1978. The exhibition presents about 90 of his paintings and it is housed by the Villa Róma, the painter`s own home, furbished with his original furniture.

Rippl-Róna was the most outstanding Hungarian representative of post-impressionism and secessionism. His style was characterised by powerful and rich colors, and conventionalized, decorative effects.  

In the beginning of his career, he had copied Munkácsy's style, painting with crayon techniques, but later on he developed his own style, called "corn kernels" which employed bright colours and small brush-strokes which left the tiny patches of paint distinct. (This style can be linked to pointillism) In the last phase of his career he focused on dramatic portraits, and self-portraits. 

The museum opened in the Villa Róma paints a treu picture of Rill-Rónai's intimate paradise, creative environment, where he also often invited his friends to. This way visitors can not only get to know his art, but his creative environment, too.