Ruins of the Benedictine Abbey, Somogyvár


Ruins of the Benedictine Abbey, Somogyvár

Prince Koppány`s castle, Somogyvár, was a significant cultural and cultic center in the Middle Ages. His Abbey, which was one of the era`s largest and most legendary establishments, was built over 900 years ago for French benedictine monks invited by Saint Ladislaus.
Some experts believe that monks living in the Abbey noted down the "Funeral Sermon and Prayer", the oldest handwritten Hungarian text.

It was also the resting place of Saint Ladislaus, the Hungarian monastery-founder knight-king, for 40 years.

Monks fled the fortress-wall protected monastery and church when the Turk threat strenghtened and the monastery served as a border castle later on. In due course of time the once magnificent monastery and the huge church slowly became prey to time.

The ruins were declared national historical memorial in 1983 and by now, after the excavations and reconstructions, they became a real visitor attraction.